Gain the Competitive Advantage when hiring for IT and Big Data

Per our experience sparq helps you hire the right talent, build the right teams, and make sure you are successful.

About Sparq

Sparq is a Diversity-Forward contingency based recruitment and staffing firm focused on helping companies hire right and hire fast for all IT roles, including Big Data.

Sparq works with you to solve your IT hiring challenges by providing market insight experience, over 15 years of industry experience, and access to over 100,000 of the industry’s most elite IT talentsaving you time, money, and stress!

Our approach is simple. 

Through a strong partnership we seek niche talent that aligns with your company first, then the job requirements second.

Few can find good IT candidates, even fewer can find good IT candidates who are right for your company!

IT Challenges

Open positions cost money and delay operations!
Sparq Solves IT Hiring Challenges

Frequent Challenges IT roles pose to most HR and untrained Recruiting Teams:

Truly grasping the role and “project-critical” must have skill sets
• Attracting the right candidates quickly
Competently Engaging and vetting qualified candidates 
• Speed to fill

Most IT Recruiters have only been in the industry for less than one year!


Big Data hires increased in 2020 (Far outpacing supply)


The amount of data going


Still report adoption of Big Data initiatives a challenge


Chief Data Officers (CDO)
Data Architects
Data Engineers
Data Scientists
Data Analysts
BI Analysts
Machine Learning/AI Engineers
Database Managers

Sparq understands Data is power,
especially BIG DATA:

We know the Market, we understand the Technologies, we have the Candidate Pipeline, we are experts at aligning candidates to cultures, not simply to just job titles.

Sparq Focus

In addition to being Big Data experts, we are happy to fill ANY IT role as needed:

Software Engineers | Business Analysts | Quality Assurance
IT Engineers | Network Security Engineers | System Architects
Project & Program Managers | Help Desk | Big Data

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